Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Palestine: Eventually victorious..

scrawled by Angel Falasteen on t' date o' Day o' the Sun, Arrrrgust 22, 2010 roundabouts 7:04 in the evenin'
Israel launched an attack, many years ago
Attack after attack, thinking they have something to show
They proved nothing, nothing I say
And no one stood up to Israel as Palestinians do every single day
They fight like lions, throwing rocks as a start
And the only thing keeping them going is the willingness in their heart
Israel hiding behind tanks and guns
Each Israeli soldier fires a cowardly missile and runs
But Palestinians fight face to face with a tank
This is the truth, not just a made up prank
Palestine fought, all its living life
Every man lost either his children or wife
Israel kills every one whether alone or in a clan
They have killed thousands from child, to woman, to man
They say we want to kill the resistance
Not children and they said none
2 weeks later
They killed over four hundred and one
They killed over 800 Palestinians
Children, women and men
This happended in only 2 weeks
And they carry on killing because they know they can
Palestine is resisting, and that's how they have been labeled
Israel killing everybody or leaving them disfigured and disabled
When will it end?
And when will Palestinian victory come
When will Arabs and the world wake up
And stop the war that has come
Israel cannot be trusted
As THEY made a three hour truce
Palestine accepted
And thought that it was the truth
The whole world saw saw the truce, and just as 15 minutes passed
Israel fired three missiles really quick and really fast
When Israel is taunted and told to fight face to face
They bring the whole army, tanks, and cannons and then erase every single trace
When will Palestine Win?
And when will the world see
That the day the world joins together
Will be the day they help set Palestine free! ! !

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