Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am Palestine

scrawled by Angel Falasteen on t' date o' Tharrrsdy, Arrrrgust 19, 2010 roundabouts 6:53 in the evenin'
I am Palestine
I'm not a painting where you can change my colour
Nor a book where you can swap me for another
Or change my name to suit the face
Or change the character or the place
Nor change the position given to me by Allah
Or use a legalisation to make me bleed even further
And build walls to corner
The children of Palestine
I'm with a name, a home, a way of life
And what I want is you take a skin dive
And see the ocean of blood that flows through me
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers who would've still be alive
If you had the courage to save me,
I am Palestine
What you care what the media says about me
They cannot change, paint or corrupt my true identity
It cannot be erased or imprisoned in politicians love for money
It cannot be hidden by corrupt leaders who don't hear me
Nor those who use me to create some superficial destiny
I am Palestine
Tanks may roar, planes and missile poison the sky
Thousands to millions may die
And still you, O Ummah, you lie
Living, speaking my name and cry
When I want action
I am Palestine
Do something, write, march, shout, reply
For the tears of my children pain me deeply when they cry
I wish I could hold them like eagles that fly
Carry them to a place so safe instead of hearing them cry, 'why, '
A billion strong can shine through
O Ummah! What is wrong with you? !
I am Palestine

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