Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Palestine is yours and mine..

scrawled by Angel Falasteen on t' date o' Tew's Day, Jul-aye! 13, 2010 roundabouts 7:43 in the evenin'
Mother, Don’t Cry
Mother, dry your tears
Mother, don’t cry for me
Mother, melt your fears
Mother, now my soul is free
Mother, I’m a martyr
Against enemies I was a Fighter
Mother, our souls never live apart
Then Mother, please un-break your Heart
Mother, I hear your beats, I feel your sorrow
Mother, in the Heaven we’ll meet tomorrow
Mother, don’t hesitate
to let my brothers resist to exist,
to survive and to make Jerusalem alive…
Mother, don’t hesitate
to let them struggle for Palestine
to let them fight for the sake of ALLAH
Don’t worry Mother, soon the sun will send the shine
Truly, Palestine is yours and mine…
Palestine is yours and mine…

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