Sunday, June 19, 2011

We know but we do nothing.

We tell the world,
of how much we cared,
about the siege,
the economical strangulation.

but in truth,
we do nothing,
to put an end to the occupation.

so long live like this,
and this mind hasn't yet succeded,
in perceiving the phrase,
that actions speak louder than words do.

so long we be like this,
and this rhetoric remain still,
then when is the time,
for tranquility and halcyon?
Rise now and make the move!
the best King has the Best Army.

do you think the two loving couple,
Israel and America are being endowed with such puissant power,
that the whole world combine can not match?

The answer lies in your quietness,
they are nill but merely human,
it's ourselves that should reconcile,
let's bridge the gap.

Mohamad Azhaari Shah Sulaiman.
Jeram, Kuala Selangor.
17th June 2011.

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