Sunday, June 19, 2011

We know you are there.

Look into their hearts,
we will see,
what they want to achieve,
tranquility and peace.

but we keep on missing.
The real thing,
they are fighting,
resisting to keep on existing.

we know you are there,
O' ye Palestinians,
but it's really sad,
we keep on forgetting you.

we are sorry,
for being like this,
for we are not so understanding,
for we are chasing for our goals of life.

O Ye Palestianians,
we are truly useless,
not only being found unable to liberate,
but also were seen too hard to just think,
to just think about you.

we are Malaysians,
we have nothing to do with ye people,
let the sorrow be everlasting,
we will never help,
that's how the saying goes,
from the fanatic nationalists.

we are sorry,
truly deeply sorry,
for our inability,
to fight the injustice.

Mohamad Azhaari Shah Sulaiman.
Jeram, Kuala Selangor.
17th June 2011.

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