Sunday, June 19, 2011

Selatan Thai is not Thai Selatan.

Remembering the time of our great ancestors there,
so peaceful their live was back then,
the Kingdom of Patani with the mighty Sri Patani,
but now what's becoming?

i still remember,
two weeks being there for Eid,
it was a pure hell,
shooting in every single day,
i just fear i won't get out alive.

but the smile on their face,
as if denying their sorrow,
but i could tell the every torment, they've experienced so far,
don't lie.

willy nilly,
that's what they are becoming,
the lords of lands are now minority,
being terrorized in their own land.

I see the faces of the unfortunate children,
poor you,
being the victim of a brainwashing agenda,
being the target killing of the separatist.

but is there any escapism to it?
they are the brainwashed machine in making!
they'll soon grow as the culprits of their own people!

I see the sorrow in my uncle's eyes,
deep down there,
i know he badly deem to come back,
to the place where he was born and bred.

I overheard talking about the Tak Bai tragedy,
many of my relatives were death,
in the hand Thai beasts,
though that they were not involved in separatist movements,
where is justice?
could we have it?
in the land of Patani?

When will you be at peace again?
O' dearest Patani.
Leave or fight,
to the last breathe,
for you people are the chosen people.

Mohamad Azhaari Shah Sulaiman.
Jeram, Kuala Selangor.
17th June.

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