Thursday, September 23, 2010

MASS1001 : Gifted is not a right

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : Gifted is not a right

Being gifted,
is on of the greatest gift,
from The Lord,
Who Has Created,

gifted is not a right,
it is a priviledge,
entrusted to certain people,
with the outmost responsibilities,
to make use of it,
to the fullest,
to guide the others ,

Being gifted,
is not a ticket that guaranteed success,
nor in this world nor hereafter,
it's a priviledge,
that catalyze the rate of understanding,
learning and mastering certain knowledge.

Should they were overwhelmed,
by proud and arrogance,
they shall fall,
and shall never rise again,
and The Lord will take it back,
because it's a priviledge,
not a right!

August 2009

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