Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MASS1001 : Of Where Hath The Awareness Gone?

Through the darkness of the night ,
i read the news on these sites,
and it's almost bring martyrdom upon me.


i can't believe,
The villains of the piece,
Hast just massacred the Freedom Flotilla activists,
And the aids failed to pass through,
To break the siege.

Then the whole world hath awaken,
From their diverged verdicts,
Upon the calamities these poor Gazans are facing.

A tremendous ravaging rage were instilled,
Deep within to their very cored heart,
and so, such a swift awareness hath arrived !

it's of the likes of a newly profounded revelation,
Which hath shaken their common sense of belief,
of how wicked the Zionist could be.

But as i thought before,
the awareness was pathetically found to be fleeting,
Not to be found to last till doomsday.

Now the critisms are heard no more !
The protestors are seen no more !
Where's the Gaza supporting profile pictures,
Gone with the wind?

Where hast the activists gone?
Blown by the vuvuzela's earshot?
Where hast the fighters gone?
Failed to recover from the World Cup fever?

i haven't got any of those,
crystal clear clues,
that might assert to the verdicts,
of where hath the awareness gone.

it's seemingly to be,
just another fleetingly fake awareness,
Uttered by the so called fighters,
fraudulents, actually,
i first thought it was going to last for atleast a fortnight.

Mistaken, i'm wrong,
Too unfortunate,
It wasn't for the ad infinitum,
Just like a dose of salts,
What an early in the morning awareness.

It was crystal clear to be seen at this rate,
Their fighting spirit is lacklustring,
They need a new sense of nourishment,
such a massive amount of it,
To rekindle their lacklustred fighting spirit.

The Gazans torment is hearkened to,
Seen and noticed ,
But ignored,
O' the unheeded bawling of the Gazans.

Heard, but failed to sublime,
The hearts of the ignorants,
What a fleeting awakening.
Wasnt't it too swift to do a fade?

Well, if thou could notice,
That's Malays.
The typical Malays.

When there's no one portrays such awareness,
to dot the i's and cross the t's,
of their sense of cognizance,
the Zionist will become bolder!

Can you kick the habit?
Yeah, that particular one!
Of the ignorance that won't fade.

There these fools went again,
They painted the Star of the David's flag,
Merely to be burnt.

They are polluting the fresh air ,
Just to adequate their lowly sceptic thoughts,
the Israelis couldn't put an end to it,
when they burnt their flags?
what a lack of wisdom indeed.

Do we have the credentials,
To boycott those Jewish products?
But that is somehow,
Seemingly to be an another ceaseless fable,
just because the ayes don't have it.

Know the truth,
The Gazans want none of your symphaty,
The sense of Emphaty,
is the sole thing to be harboured,
Upon the unfortunate but ignored Gazans.

Listen up,
i have no rights,
To keep your nose to the grindstone,
But once you put a kick start on something,
Let it be for a persistent length of time,
Never dream it could be maintained per se.

i'm not trying to lay something at someone's door,
i'm just reminding,
For i am just like the likes of you,
Moronically ignorant but boastful.

O' in-dream Malays,
it's time to kick start,
Let's stretch our wings,
Let's bury the difference in us,
let's bridge every of the gaps upon us. .

Let's Unite the ummah,
We'll keep the Palestine flag flying high,
Palestinians will never walk alone.
We show to them,
Muslims are not to be separated with boundries nor continents.

Be proud to fight for the Gazans ,
And to save Al-Aqsa from the atrocious damned Jews.
Nil satis nisi optimum.

25 June 2010.

i'm verily sorry if there are any use of harsh words. Salam.

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