Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem - If Only You Could See

I was once a loner,
People were scared of me,
Of my words, they tended to fire,
And shackled their legs, they wouldn't come near.
Once in a while,
I used to ponder... what's wrong with me?
I was very repulsive and no less,
I would want to be exclusive, and not a les! (as in lesbian)

For the umph-teenth times I thought and I thought,
I ain't cutey, I ain't pretty, let alone giddy!
But those are the traits that men are looking for, aren't they?
Second to second, I developed the charisma in me,
But now the so-called charisma has taken its toll,
As I eventually grew old,
I became the stone-cold.

I finally realized, those things didn't count, at all,
I am to seek for MY OWN serenity and privacy, after all,
Why's the need to please others?
They aren't even our mothers!
If there's a wake-up call,
Just don't hesitate and delay,
Grab and make the utmost of it, I say.

I finally realized, those things didn't give me the triumph,
I am not in the show-room,
If there's no bless from Allah,
Then, I'll be just doomed!

So friends,
Regardless of whom you are, and what you're doing,
Just take the time to free yourself,
From any knots and tangles that have been looming over you,
It's not easy, yeah true,
But as we constantly seek for His help,
He's there, He's always there.
If only you could see,
Just do not squeal, do not howl, do not yelp,
Let us prepare,
Guard your modesty, strengthen your faith,
It would never be too little too late,
As time passes,
InsyaAllah, you'll gain the privilege!

P/S: This's nothing personal okay. The streamyx has been sooooo hellishly-slow that I decided to write a poem. There are some alterations to be made. But for now, here it is. =)

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