Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem - You Think

They say they know me,
I exhaled my breath,"What makes you so damn sure?"
"You look innocent, you can't be that rigorous?"
My eyes widened to show my genuine surprise,
I inhaled my breath, "I may look fluffy soft outside, but I am deadly hard inside!"

I fastened my pace,
My jaw could have fallen onto the floor,
If it wasn't made glued to my face,
I think I am wild ferocious!
Lady-like is so not my type,
People just don't know me that much,
Ouh, I don't have that kind of soft touch.

Now again,
They think they know me,
After all my words are direct,
I express my feelings vehemently,
But one thing,
I also love to act,
And create scenes nonchalantly,
And offer my grin sheepishly,
They smiled serenely, but I scoffed.
With a small annoying 'puffed'

I am secretive,
But everyone seems to doubt that,
It is my prerogative,
My shoulder you can't always pat.
Nail that in your brain,
I am such a pain.

Ouh I am not modest,
I am self-absorbed,
I'm only interested in what I AM doing and that just,
Sends my heart feeling glee and proud,
I am just...... too in love with myself.
I mean, who else?

But, you think you know me,
Don't put your hopes up too high,
I'm afraid all of your expectations I'll scarcely meet,
I decide to let you free,
And soar yourself above to the blue sky,
For your own good sake,
In future, I promise you won't cry.

I let you be.
Fix your perceptions,
And blow off unnecessary delusions,
I am not the paragon,
You'll be heart-broken.

You think you know me,
But you don't always SEE me,
I want to be in the safe zone,
Can't you see?
I'll be just fine on my own.

For the last 'now',
I assure you,
You think you know me,
But you don't know me at all.
Geee, peace!

May 10, 2010
1:19 a.m

P/S : One of my random very-not-intellectual pieces. Retard. Sorry. =|

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