Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem - Silly

I remember my dark phase,
On him, I liked to chase,
He caught my eyes and held me mesmerized,
I was so shy,
Feeling floated as if wanting to fly,
I blushed right instant,
My heart sang the siren,
But he looked puzzled like I was some kind of alien.

I knew he's a playboy,
I was only his toy,
He flashed his hearthrob grin,
That unfeignly retained,
I just had to lean on something,
To keep me sane.
That was it.

It was pathetic, shameful and desperate,
To my sister I poured,
And she shook her head,
"Learn to disguise your feeling"
I blinked.
"What does that mean?"
"Do not be too transparent, your eyes are the window to your soul"
I played nonchalant and the skirts I folded.
My mind raced and I recoiled,
My sister's words left me boiled,
Let's prove it,
I challenged my wit.

It was a sickness,
And I was no pro handling it,
But as time passes,
My body turns voluptuous,
I learn to get a hold on myself,
I am not those giddy crazy whore no more,
Test me,my lust is composedly secure,
Flirt me, I can seriously get you lured. (LOL)

What the tuuut, he said.
"Don't you love me anymore?" he worked his line.
I nearly farted, at the edge of teetering my laugh,
Rooted to my foot, my face turned red,
"Sorry, but you're just not my craze"
I roughly scoffed.

So that's the end of this poetry,
Because it's nearly 6:30!
AdaMaya is coming ouh yipppeeeee,
Next time I'll update another story!

May 10, 2010
6:15 p.m

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