Thursday, September 23, 2010

MASS1001 : The isolated 5 syukur

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : The isolated 5 syukur

We are here in 5 syukur,
we are isolated,
from the crowds,
from the others,

Like an island,
estranged from the whole

We got a neighbour,
it's 5 Efisyen,
the same goes for them,

They got a neighbour too,
it's the ocean of books(SPBT),
Full of boringness,
but still got some colours,
sticked on the lacklustred wall.

Here in 5 syukur,
we have no choice,
but to go on,
make or break,
that's the teacher's saying,

here in 5 syukur,
we still go on,
because we believes that,
it takes no genius to be a

For our juniors,
study hard,
study smart,
don't let your guard down,
because when you do so,
you will end up like this poem
writer !

Dedicated to my 5 Syukur 2009 classmates.You rock!

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