Thursday, September 23, 2010

MASS1001 : Viva la Palestina

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : Viva la Palestina

from Gaza Strip to West Banks,
searching up for tracks,
of the deceased syuhada,

Their only shelter,
are taken away in just a blink of eye.

We are the living souls,
that hunger for power,

Camp David Agreement whatsoever,
Egypt must re-think,
it's their neighbour,
who is dying and starving,

Palestinians must be aided,
Zionist are to be brought,
to face the undeniable justice,

If you are so called rich,
why keep mum?
if you are so called bold,
where are your balls?

They hunger for foods,
They deem for prosperity,
which they could not afford,
and we still stand stiff?

How much burden must they shoulder,
How many innocent childrens,
shall be massacred?
days and nights,
their sorrow,
do we ever feel the same way?

The dead man's organs,
are taken away,
by the inhuman Zionist.
did you know?
Or did you ever have the slightest care?

viva la Palestina,
long life Palestinians.

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