Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem - Ain't It Funny?

Ain't it funny,
How we used to fight,
Ain't it funny,
How we used to label,
Claiming we were right,
This and that,
The ego strangely never wobble,
We eased through the trouble.

With each passing day,
We tended to make judgements and still we judge,
We learnt to tolerate and still we do,
We were busy organizing race,
To prove who is far way better,
Without we realizing it,
The heart grew softer,
Allowing love to take place.
To me, THAT is far way healthier!

Time spun so quickly,
It's been more than half a year,
Long time since I more than acknowledged your presence,
Though rarely spoke about it,
You should know,
The heart ached and longed for your tiniest bid.
Don't you know?
Now you know.......

Forbearing the emptiness in me,
Of course you never realize,
You seemed unaware,
Because you always criticize,
I questioned myself,
"Am I too much?"
This heart said,
"Love is such!"
And I shut my eyes,
And sang the love melody,
That I always trust.

Accept me for who I am,
Never be blinded by what they say,
My heart is in cramp, and for it I pay.
I am hooked on you,
I am drunk, I am the love addict,
I am a goner if my dreams never come true,
This feeling gives me such wow kick,
It is damnly, sincerely never this true-blue,
My heart is sorely going to miss you.

Trust me,
For the thousand times I beg of you,
Love me,
For this heart craves nothing but you,
Sue me,
If my love is proven dirty and blue,
But give me the chance,
To say 'I Love You'
So I won't be left hanged,
And you'll guide me through and through.

Yes? ;)

May 09, 2010
10:34 p.m

P/S : The title is adopted from a song by Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny. Lalalala. ;)

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