Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MASS1001 : An Ultimatum from a Broken Heart

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : An Ultimatum from a Broken Heart

Stanza 1

with the reference,
from the book of the recorded
you are narrated,
as a heart-rekindler,
you ignite every of my unvoluntary
oh,such magic you have got.

Stanza 2

But now,
as the wind pass by,
you have changed,
completely to a so-and-so figure,
to my very naked eyes,

Stanza 3

i shan't tolerate at any cost,
not at this rate,
knowing it's too late for such turning back.

Stanza 4

your words used to be,
a heart-rekindler,
well yeah, i love you,
swallowing your words,
should somehow be on my daily on-list routines back then.

Stanza 5

but my words seemingly,
to be so-and-so,
nothing but a forsaken whisper,
to your naked heart.

Stanza 6

even when i wailed at such high
like a delighted proffesor,
who has proved the accuracy of his

Stanza 7

it doesn't even sublimes,
your deepest interest to it,
so sad,
your heart is too blind,
to listen to those stone-wall cries ,
from my heart,

Stanza 8

Your words are sometimes,
too chewy to chew,
too bitter to swallow,
too harsh to allow,
it somehow make this heart
becomes kind of too narrow,

Stanza 9

a silent killer defines you best,
as you always strike at my chest,
narrowing every of the oxygen
that i have possesed.

Stanza 10

should thou art to be an old-timer,
regular merchant,
in this heart-tormenting deals,

Stanza 11

life is like a wheel,
one day,
just you wait,
you will somehow,
eat back all the lies,
you have embodied,
in my used-to-be vulnerable heart,

Stanza 12

but that was like,
a zillion years ago,
now i'm far bridge matured,
to withstand to such overwhelming
oh, you can't besiege me now!

Stanza 13

the vocabularies that you instilled,
are to be facing,
some sort of permanent deletion,
in my newfangled dictionary,
in a nick of time,
just you wait ,
till i announce the obituary of
your rotten words.

Stanza 14

face the music,
accept the inexorable aftermaths,
for i'm sure you can feature some
resisting sort of force.

Stanza 15

well, i seemingly to be knowing,
of the veracious truth,
ain't you are,
a rogue of delinquent?

Stanza 16

think i'm sweet?
Not so sweet!
Wicked shall be fit for real,
for my in-mind middle name,
it's far cry adequates me,
for some real things,
but denied by such ignorance,
i have possessed back then.

Stanza 17

i shall now bury your deceased rhetorical
far away to where no mankind,
could be affected by it.

Stanza 18

like a witch doctor,
who enclosed the genie,
he happened to beat,
in the yellow-cotton-coiled carafe.

Stanza 19

solely an ad-hoc for nothing,
but to be thrown in the open-wide
obscured for good reason,
till the very end.

Stanza 20

In the name of Lord,
who has created you,
please repent,
or else,
i'll hire some hit-men,
to strike back,
in the very centre of your face!

completed at 12.50 a.m 11 May 2010

by Mohamad Azhaari Shah.

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