Monday, September 20, 2010

Your 'RETARD'-ness Is Too Much!

Stop being retard,
Why don't you fix your rusted brain,
I think I'm going to fart,
Listening to your shits over and over again.
So please,
I can't entertain you more,
You are definitely rotten to the core.

Why is it that you're following my butt, dude?
I never hold grudges against you,
But you were being way too rude,
And I'm certainly not in the mood,
It is not acceptable by etiquette, ouh haliuuuu?
Yes not at all,
You're the most damn problematic and pathetic,
Leave it all and take a chill pill,
Have some liquor, and be lunatic!

We don't even know each other,
Don't stalk me as if you're the caring brother,
When in fact, you're the jackass,
You don't wanna look like a dumb ass,
Have some respect,
And politely correct,
Not by talking 'bajet'
You're ultimately so 'kerek',
I can't tolerate such thing,
Be gone and don't ever click to my link.

Uhmmm hey,
What is it that you want?
Is it the attention?
You've been too much in delusions,
I don't have the cure potion,
Go burry your face in the cushion,
Be a man and limit your scandalous sensation (to me LOL)
Try harder, ay?

For the last time,
If you just don't understand,
It's okay because your brain lacks of intellectual kind,
It's something that you would have to earn and gain,
I can easily comprehend your poor state ;)

I guess,
I'll just get used to treating you like a wall,
It would be easy, yes.
And you'll be bewildering left like a punctured ball,
Ouh it's okay, it's allright,
Don't get too frustrated yet,
You can still visit my blog as often as you like,
But just get your words soft and right,
I can readily treat you nice and bright.

May 14, 2010
12:17 a.m

P/S : I'm not going to tag anyone on FB, because he exists elsewhere. But I'm so gonna publish it in my blog. I'm sure he'll read. He'll be the first, I promise. Turururruuu~ ;)

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