Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MASS1001 : The malay Dilemma

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : The malay Dilemma

the Malay dilemma,
is not of the newly profound drama,
to be seen screened in the cinema,
for it has something to do with their paradigma.

i know it's just too easy to ignite their anger,
Write few sentences of slander,
come to read these Malays awhile later,
then they will start to mutter,
the unsatisfactory will be heard louder..

the condition will get tenser,
but of what reason does it trigger?
By just a few sentences of slander?
You'll see some demons doing laughter.

O Malays,
such wake up calls are all just a waste?
That you still couldn't feel the
bury such crave for fame and praises,
for the burdens are for us to shoulder and face!

Malays need not a single kit,
to strengthen our fighting spirit,
cuz it should somehow be built with concrete.

Hear to what i want to say,
The Ka'bah wasn't built in just a day,
the vacant roles are for us to play,
so that tomorrow to win we may,
to get muslims out of any hay,
get rid of those foes in our way,
we'll make it a sure that the dammit jews just won't get away!

O ye Malays who hath the intention to volunteer,
in this battle that knows not the need to fear,
and we have no time for such empty flatter,
for we have known the even better,
sincerity undeniably is of the utmost matter,
for that's the credential of a jihad fighter.

my Lord, bless them with the alter!
They need to get better,
so that they will not wither,
had they are among the chosen to crawl in the winter..


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