Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem - A Tribute To Palestinians.

Daripada Abdullah bin Abu Aufa r.a., Nabi s.a.w bersabda :

“Syurga di bawah bayangan pedang.” [Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim]

“Janganlah kamu mengira bahawa orang yang gugur di jalan Allah itu mati, bahkan mereka itu hidup di sisi Tuhannya dengan mendapat rezeki” [Surah Ali’ Imran 3:169)

“Dan di antara manusia ada orang yang mengorbankan dirinya kerana mencari keredhaan Allah” [Surah al-Baqarah 2:207]

* * *

In a corner I saw,
I saw a delicate child weeping,
It almost teared my souls apart,
His bruised hands shook a lifeless body of a woman,
The deprivation of justice...
He has no nuclear weapon.
The thick red blood oozing from the mother’s head,
His cry sent the skirts of the blue skies opened,
In the pouring rain, he got up with his heart, broken,
While the youngsters in other places laughed gleefully being entertained,
In the other hand, he has nothing to complain.
Though being trapped behind the indiscernible bars, say.... forever,
"This’s the promised land I won’t back out, never!"

In a corner I saw,
I saw a man,
So brave he argued with blatant,
In the next minute,
His head was axed to death,
An expression of total annoyance and wrath,
Committed by a heavily-armed wild militant.
Thus, in the scorching heat I bore,
I bore my great disappointment,
Uncontainable distress,
And then, I remembered something and I smiled serenely,
He’s the martyr...
InsyaAllah, in Jannah he’ll rest.

In a corner I heard,
I heard an agonizing throaty voice in pain,
In shame, I turned around my dizzy head,
Sexual, physical and verbal harassment,
One uncivilized thing I don't tolerate,
As in Jahiliyyah state,
Females were kept under their feet,
Here was a woman being raped,
And she’s struggling,
Struggling helplessly for the better fate,
A punch was thrusted and she bled,
She howled and she yowled,
And she received another kick,
And yet she blissfully curved a smile,
An assuring smile,
So tender,
While I was still lurking with fear,
She’s closed to Syuhada’,
Allah’s the Best Knower.

I ran and I ran,
There’s nowhere to go,
There were blockades,
I pushed my luck and I heard a bang,
My heart suddenly dropped,
A bang followed by a murderous laugh out loud,
The smoky air engulfing the cumulonimbus cloud,
The Zionist again attempted a holocaust.
And no matter how cruelly, they will never be at false.

"They are terrorist!"
I screamed my lungs out,
"This is oppression!"
My heart repeatedly slammed the wall of my chest,
My muscles heavily stretched and tauted,
My Muslim brothers and sisters are being massacred day by day,
They will claim to us, on the Judgement Day,
What do we do?
Simply saw their stiff body laid?
Are we prepared?
At least, spare some time and make a pray.

With the heart as strong as the concrete,
With your iman, as pure as the morning dew,
You fight for rights,
You fight for freedom,
They abuse you and made an invasion,
Establishing the living of Jews,
You keep your head high,
You remain for salvation,
Because you know,
The day would somehow arrive, just hold to the patience,
Islam would one day rise,
It’s in HIS written assurance.

Tomorrow will be free.
Allahu Akbar!

P/S : I tuned Maher Zain – Palestine Will Be Free while writing this piece. MasyaAllah. The song really touches my heart to the very core. To all my beloved sisters and brothers in Islam, let’s all be alert, play our part and bury the egocentric.

June 21 2010
9:11 p.m.

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