Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MASS1001 : Willy-Nilly, I'll Avid Thee for Ad Infinitum.

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : Willy-Nilly, I'll Avid Thee for Ad Infinitum.

Thou art there ..,
et i'm here .,
i won't be sad ..,
because our path art likely ..,
to cross again ..,
in the face of time ..,
well , time will tell.

know that my love is adage..,
it won't besmirch thy good name..,
my love isn't for self-adequacy..,
as it's adamant..,
it won't tolerate to the bad talks..,
which those people said abou thee,

as i still haven't found ..,
what i'm keen to possess..,
i shan't sink in despair..,
as i'm dead meat..,
should i retreat..,
from conquering thy love...

i'm no such gee-knee-ius..,
and that's the undeniable veracity..,
yes, it sucks..,
because it builds upon me a barrier..,
that fades myself aroint..,
from thy naked views.

i have moments,
only believing,
so long this love rekindles it's way,
so long this heart beats..

with a sheer of passion,
i'll avid thee,
for ad infinitum.,

for the time being,
it's the best to say,
adieu, my love.

P/S: Archaic Form+ Old French+Old English+Modern English+Latin+contractions.

Thou = you (Archaic form)(old English)
art = are (Archaic form)(old English)
thy = your (archaic form)(old English)
shan't = shall not (contraction)
thine = yours(Archaic form)(old English)
ad infinitum = forever (Latin)
et = and (Latin)
adieu = good bye (Old French)

if there exist even a minor notable error/mistake or should you have any useful ideas, please let me know.

i still haven't found the most suitable title for this poem ,so, can you all help me?

completed around March 2010.
by, Mohamad Azhaari Shah.

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