Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MASS1001 : To Bridge The Every Divide

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : To Bridge The Every Divide

There's something provoking you,
prying on your vulnerabilities,
to make use of it,
to deviate you from the truth.

should we harp on fighting each other,
we lost our faith,
THEY shall win the whole thing.
can't you see?

You all are full of proud and pride,
that's your weakness,
that's your flaw.
Give them no more,
of this open-wide opportunity,
put our religion first,
then comes the race matter,

yes, some of you.
Did mocked me,
but i shall have no such hatred for you,
due to the fact,
i'm aware that,
you know nothing about the whole evil plot,

i shan't be offended,
i'm just willing to make peace,
let's cease this brotherly wars,

forget the every intriguing propagandas,
THEY are into it.
THEY are conquering every of the viable medium,
can't we see?

I have no such evidence,
that is seemingly to be applicable,
to subjugate on that matter.
but The Lord has already warned us,
that THEY shall have no such
untill we deviate from the truth and escorted them,
to the very unforgiving HELL.

This my very ultimatum,
the last of its kind,
Let's bridge the every divide between Malaysia, Indonesia and the whole ummah.

*2 hours of completion(quite slow)
*completed in such nourishing and nonchalant sorta feeling.XD
*8th may 2010
*conveyed by Mohd Azhaari Shah.
* i borrowed those words from Him.

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