Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem - Ukhuwwah

(Stanza 1)

To all my closest sohiibin,
For you I dedicate this part,
Regardless of how long we've known each other,
One thing for sure,
The ukhuwwah is gloriously bonded,
It's now left to your inclination,
Be it to strengthen or weaken the relation,
I can't justify just yet,
Only the real pals know the real me.

(Stanza 2)

How familiar does it sound to our eardrum membrane?
Is it just an Islamic phrase to look all religious?
To how extent does it signify the truest of your heart?
Really. Do we really love someone because of Him?
Or when problem arises, we simply just give in?
Do we even bother to untangle, to try?
Or are we simply competing who's low, who's high?
I can't say just yet, Allah knows best.

(Stanza 3)

Ya ukhwati,
My sisters in Islam,
Pardon me for any of my uncivilized behavior,
I'm just His humble slave, I'm not the warrior,
It's the involuntary action I can't control,
Once snapped, and I generously scowled,
I can't please everyone,
There are always the limiting factors,
I hate to be the inhuman vector,
Still, I commit sins and I readily forgive,
In case I turn haughty,
Then, correct me so I won't be lost,
I know who are my friends, who are my foes,
Make a du'a for me,
On my bended knees I plea,
"Do not isolate me, do not exclude me oh blimey!"

(Stanza 4)

Ya akhawat,
My brothers in Islam,
Apparently, I am a very straitlaced,
I might sound all-knowing,
I harbour no hard feeling,
I guess it's the hormones that yield incessantly,
Betraying my innocent intention and honesty,
Well, pardon me for my lack of etiquettes,
Perhaps you can consider them as my enchanting antics?

(Stanza 5)

So let's stay put and united,
Together we build a strong Ummah,
InsyaAllah, the ties will never break,
SubhanAllah, we'll be preserved in His shade,
In His bestow, we'll never separate,
We march forward and ignore the differences and slits,
That's the spirits!

* * *

(i) Stanza 3 Line 9 : I use the word 'vector' as I can't find anything better to rhyme with 'factors'. It sounds rather absurd there, so be it.
(ii) Stanza 3 Line 12 : The word 'lost' is enunciated in British slang so as to rhyme with the word 'foes' in the sequence that follows.
(iii) Stanza 3 Line 16 : 'Blimey' is the British slang that Ron Weasley often said in the Harry Potter series; it is actually an exclamation of surprise or annoyance)

P/S : It took me nearly an hour and a half to struggle for this piece! Hohh. And now it's already 3 a.m in the morning!!!! >.< I'm gonna sleep now. Now. NOW!

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