Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seven Still Won't Do

by Atikah Muhsin on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 at 14:27

So you weren't the greatest guy in the world
Not even my type of ideal
But boy you got me hanging there
Thought nobody could match our pair
And I'd look for you anyhow, anywhere.

Those days
I'd sneak it out when grandpa's asleep
When grandma had had leaves to sweep
When momma, before the tv and she'd weep
Just to reach you
And we'd talk about stars and moon
Just to hear your voice
Yeah the mobile was our toy
Pauses and laughters but still
We didn't give a damn
On who's paying the bills.

Hey, look back why don't cha?
When we would wake each other up for sahur
After hours of texting,
having our eyes half closed;
Or when I'd endure mosquito bites
'Cause I enjoyed our moments in the cold night outside;
To our song, JoJo's hit, on the radio
I'd race to the volume for more;
And funny when your sister'd do you the favor
Guess you were scared
Pops was gonna pick up the receiver;
Gotta grant her kudos, she the cousin
Our poor messenger
As she was brilliant
At keeping us from our 'hunger'.

Gosh that time we met
We had our hearts exploded, I'll bet
Hiding behind our friends
Caught in the tangled awkward net
And I still can't believeWe went for the movie
Having the almost-empty cinema to us
When we are now in a deep hush.

I remember
When we had it for only twelve hours
But it hit me more
To see you with her
Then and present
I reckon you didn't lock them to treasure
Us, along with the good times
Faded with no solid goodbye.

But todayAfter we walked our own ways
You came around and knocked on my door
Laughters and sobs trampled on each other
Rushing out through every pore
Yes things went wrong
People are people and sometimes we change our minds
But it killed me now to see it goes after all those time.

Yeah you weren't the greatest guy in the world
But we had it all, what everyone would love
Every boy, every girl.

By: Atikah Muhsin, June 4th, 2010.0236 hours

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