Thursday, September 23, 2010

MASS1001 : The Chosen One

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : The chosen one

On that blissfull night,
He woke up at 3 a.m,
and took the ablution,

he prayed to Lord,
seeking guidances,
to revive his fighting spirit,
to kick start,
on some new things,

He is eighteen now,
calm and matured enough,
to compare what is the best,
for his life,
what is fit for real,
with his desire and demand,
compared to the moment,
He had lost his confidence,

he should never live in peace,
from now and onwards,
for such reason,
he has this responsibility,
to make use of the GIFT,
to the fullest,

he wish a dull life,
but he could not afford,
to opt to what he tends to.
it was decided,
he was the one.
The chosen one.

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