Thursday, September 30, 2010

MASS1001 : Oh.. When The Lotus Eater Breaks His Vow.

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah
Title: Oh.. When The Lotus Eater Breaks His Vow.

He who hath long been known as the Lotus Eater,
need not a new flower,
to besmirch the title he hath hold to,
for quite a long time,
sith the withering of his old flower,
beforetime he used to hast a rose back then,
but it hath withered per se,
due to the test of time.

For so long,
never hath the Lotus Eater disembark avaunt,
from his forth of solitude,
he somehow knows,
of the need to see what's going on with the world,
and so, disembarked this Lotus Eater,
from his dead boring world,
he sought for a wee bit of the eye candy things.

he saw this newly operated, nursery,
he was amused, undeniably.
But then, he quickly come to reminisce,
of his heretofore never been broke vow,
to not look for a new flower,
He hath swore that this vow is not to be broken,
at any cost!

Isn't all men are just too vulnerable?
It's not of the newly profound revelation that he's that vulnerable too,
his vow seems just couldn't stand the test of time.
It's nothing more now than a broken vow.

ifsoever there are found any vows that he hath the hesitation to break,
inter alia,
it would be this one,
solely this.
alack! What a wanion indeed.

but nay could he denies the need to hast a companion..
a companion for life..
When The Lotus Eater hath to Break His Vow..
You'll see some teasers mounting FAQs for him to be answered.

betimes.. he entered to the nursery,
he saw beautiful flowers are undeniably many,
he tried to pick one,
but nary has the every credentials he is seeking for,
he said these flowers are all plastic beauty.

at a corner,
he was amazed with his founding,
when awesomeness begets such a inexorable heyday,
it's inevitable for any men to not look at this flower!

later his heart beat rose amain,
to the crecendo..
it's so lovely and charming,
this flower is covered with white hairs,
it appears to be wolly.
Every each of it's bloom consist five to six small yellow flower heads.

He got nearer to the flower,
to have a better look and to see it's name..
Erewhile hast his eyne glared on the flower,
he knows, it's scientific name is Leontopodium..
The Roman called it,
floarea reginei,
Queen's Flower?
Eftsoons, he begets elation of this newly profound facts.

the florist approached him and said,
"this flower is one of the best known European mountain flowers.
it's noble, it's white.
So the Germans called it..
The Edelweiss."

he hath not heard it clearly,
"What's that again? edelweiss?"

"yes, it's Edelweiss.
Noble is for Edel,
White is for Weiss"
The florist later tried to reassure him.

Having known that it is the one,
which is of his fave and crave,
which hath triggered such a fain to his ticker,
the Lotus Eater decided to purchase it and bring it home,
but the price he couldn't yet afford to,
it's far bridge expensive!

To the florist,
this Lotus Eater reveals a few lines,
easy to fathom,
but kind of hard to swallow,
should it's being scrutinized with the heart.

"take good care of this edelweiss,
and be sure not to sell it to other buyers,
for i'll come one day,
and it'll be mine,
solely mine.."

time goes by,
left the lotus Eater seen aroint from the nursery,
to head to the place which he belongs,
with empty handed,
but he hath this new vow to be made..

"to the people who could read,
come to witness to this proclaimation!
this edelweiss is to be in this home,
i'll soon water the edelweiss.
My edelweiss-to-be."

For the time being,
let this Lotus Eater continue to his studies,
so that he'll soon have a stable career,
he'll have more penny,
and eftsoons the world shalt see,
he'll take that edelweiss home.
To his conquest for eternity.

And so..
Let's pray that this edelweiss,
could somehow remain strong and sturdy,
wouldn't wither before it's time,
and is not for sale to other buyers..

completed on 28/9/2010

was massively altered on 30/9/2010.
By Mohamad Azhaari Shah..

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