Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MASS1001 : Being A Man

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.
Title : Being A Man

Should worry besieges your heart,
or should you encounter adversities,
or should you stumbled upon in your quest,
to find the right path,
which will lead you to glory,

wake up and rise again!
go back a little,
to leap further,
or go back to square one,
to rebuild your strength.
You are not born and breed to be turning,

You have everything.
why must you hold back?
why must you keep the cats dead in your bag?

Be a man,
not only by empty words,
portray such gestures in your every actions,
i'm sure you have know,
that actions speak louder than words do.

be a man,
a true man fears not a thing,
a true man fight for his desires and demands,
surpassing his need to fight for his rights.

with a sheer of will,
you can withstand to any barrier,
resolve is everlasting,
time to make a change,
not a part of it,
but holistically.

you are running out of time,
for time is a great merchant of
It has the utmost luscious to bring you down,

but if you could surpass to it's lame pace,
the time will be your humble servant.
bide the time,
to reinstill the starvation of triumph,

"wait and see" is no more to be found in your dictionary,
bury that phrase,
seize this once-for-a-lifetime opportunity.

O' bury those past glories,
it will only hinder you from kicking start for a new glory,
let's newfangle the state-of-the-art triumph,

and...oh come on!
you are not for turning,
one who feared to meet upon failure,
is sure of defeat, young man!

April 2010

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