Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem - I Say

Don't let me go,
Just let me lead the flow,
Don't tell me you don't deserve me,
Coz the heart palpitates,
Whenever the phone beeps your message.

Call it crazy,
Call it wacko,
En amorada de ti,
I've just gone loco!

I can't help,
But I love you so,
If you read this, then spare me a place,
In the warm of your embrace,
By the scorching heat of the fireplace,
Within the core of your soul,
Of the deepest love people hadn't known,
Due to unrequited love, they moan,
I could somehow, see through,
Could you?

I say,
We shall love each other dearly,
If only you are willing to wait and see,
My love is just, pure and truly,
Don't you doubt, don't you ever weep,
We'll sail through the sea,
And forever we shall always be.

Dear you,
Things wouldn't stay poignant forever,
The sparks of our love won't ever dim, never!
I assuringly,lovingly promise,
My loyal devoted service,
Well, if you just cooperate,
If your vows never break.

Don't let me go,
Just let me lead the flow,
Don't halt my words,
Don't mince my heart,
Because it's you whom I love,
Either you believe these verses,
Or we could part.

I say,
I love you,
I say,
I miss you,
I say,
I need you,
just..... stay and pray.
Hoping we'll be together someday.
Yes, someday.......

May 09, 2010
8:41 p.m

P/S : This one is quite pathetic. Yes, I know (especially for the last quadrant) I'm just warming up, mind you! =.='

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