Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MASS1001 : She's Out Of My League

Author : Mohamad Azhaari Shah.

Title : She's Out Of My League.

this Sickness has come,
to its crescendo,
adagio but veraciouslY significAnt,
it's love,
that laZily knocked,
the windows of this chainted heart.

i am starting to love thou,
and yes,
my heart is vulnerable,
yes and yes,
this heart longs for thy love,

We Are of the,
differeNt league,
equal footIe?
not even close,
for thou Are,
not for me,
for i am far bridge,
Zero than thou are,

i shan't be longing for thou,
not anyMore,
bEcausE it'll only hinder thou,
from climbing up the stairways,
that will lead thou,
to the brink of glory and triumph,

this my very last ultimatum!
O' Sorrow,
stay away from me!
i can't bear to jeopardise her future!
it would be the very last thing,
i would ever gamble on.

come what may,
i've learnt to forethought on the aftermaths,
i will try,
try at my best length,
to fade thy images,
out of this tormented heart,
out , out and out,
For eternity.

completed around March 2010

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